Sound Work Demos

These clips represent some of my work in sound design, foley, soundscapes, and audio for game/film.

This clip is a re-scored trailer for Metropolis, with me replacing all the original audio with new foley, sound effects, ambiences, a small amount of original music cues, etc. Some is credited to my solo music/soundscapes project Paisley Babylon.

This is an excerpt from a short film I wrote, directed, and did sound design for called 45 RPM.

This clip is a soundscape I created for a theater-of-the-mind demo project:

Joe Wallace Demo Reel For Radio and Television

I worked as a military radio and television news department supervisor, producer, editor, and reporter from 1992 to 2005. A great deal of my career as an Air Force enlisted member was spent doing radio and television news and features for Air Force News Headquarters at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Below is a reel of some of my work from that time period. These clips are the television versions of stories I worked on for both radio and TV.

It’s important to note that the entire news crew functioned as one-person newsgatherers, writing, shooting, editing, voicing and doing on-camera work. What you see is the result of that. I was basically responsible for everything you see and hear from the script to the final edit. These days you can get a hold of me at to discuss radio, television, and film work.

My Work In Sound Sometimes Gets Weird

American Forces Radio And Television Network Vinyl
Ages ago, when I was a DJ and spot producer at overseas military broadcasting stations, THIS happened. That link takes you to a story I wrote in October 2017 about the time the American Forces Radio And Television Service ordered all of its’ radio stations to destroy their vinyl record libraries (totalling about 10,000 vinyl records at EACH RADIO STATION) due to copyright issues. It’s a true story!

Read Destroying The American Forces Radio And Television Network Vinyl Collections.

Joe Wallace Film and Sound Design Work For 45 RPM

45 RPM is a short film I wrote, directed, edited, and did soundtrack/sound design work on in 2012. All the audio in this clip is my work including the score. 45 RPM was shot by Robert Cappelletto, to whom I owe a great deal for the beauty of the cinematography.

This work was edited in Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro. Soundtrack music, ambience, and sound effects by my long-time solo electronic project Paisley Babylon, created with a variety of analog synthesizers and good old fashioned foley and sound design.

The DeadWax Project: Multimedia Installation Art By Joe Wallace

This video is part of an art installation that includes video, audio, and ephemeral media. If you are viewing this, chances are good that you arrived here from either a QR code posted in an art gallery, or a link printed in a zine or magazine. Thank you for seeking out this artwork.

In the late 20th Century, sonic troublemakers Negativland found all the trouble they ever wanted when they released a 12-inch single on vinyl and cassette. The single, titled U2, had consequences best described by the artists themselves. From the Negativland official site: “In 1991, Negativland’s infamous U2 single was sued out of existence for trademark infringement, fraud, and copyright infringement for poking fun at the Irish mega-group’s anthem,  I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.

In 1992, Negativland’s magazine-plus-CD ‘The Letter U and the Numeral 2’ was sued out of existence for trying to tell the story of the first lawsuit. In 1995 Negativland released “Fair Use: The Story of the Letter U and the Numeral 2,” a brand new 270-page book-with-CD to tell the story of both lawsuits and the fight for the right to make new art out of corporately owned culture.”

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2017 Updates

Thanks very much for your interest in my work. In 2017 I am pursuing new avenues of sound and will be posting some of those things here as they develop and grow. My primary focus in audio at the present time involves installation art, so I am not accepting new assignments in film, journalism, or production except on a VERY limited case-by-case basis. I am currently fundraising for a long-form art installation work, so lucrative paid gigs would be a definite help in that respect. Unfortunately I don’t have time for low budget work due to my need to raise funds/apply for grants to create an ambitious sound-based artwork.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via e-mail: Due to high volumes of comment spam I don’t bother with the comments section except to block/delete where appropriate.

Audio Documentary, Journalism, and Storytelling

joe_wallaceI am a Chicago-based audio professional. My career in radio and television began in 1987 when I landed my first on-air radio job at WNNS in Springfield, Illinois. In 1991 I joined the Air Force and had a 13-year career as a reporter, editor, producer and on-air talent.

I left the military in 2005, moved to Chicago and began working as a freelancer, writing,  producing, and editing.

Today I am working more exclusively on audio documentary and storytelling projects–inspired by the Third Coast Festival, The Moth, This American Life and other well-known story-centric names.

I report and interview, record location sound, compose soundtracks, edit dialog, and do audio post-production work. I’m an experienced filmmaker but I prefer to work more exclusively with sound. My radio and television work has won CINDY awards and Telly awards, among many others.

The experience I have behind the camera informs my work in audio–I understand the needs of the director and enjoy being an important supporting member of a film or television production. Good sound is crucial to the success of the project–getting it done right, and to the satisfaction of the director is job number one.

My experience is diverse–I work in all aspects of film where audio is concerned. From simple sound effects and foley to soundtrack work, location sound, and post-production, I am dedicated simply to delivering quality audio that meets the specific needs of the production.

I own my own equipment including the Sound Devices 633 field mixer/recorder and a variety of professional shotgun microphones. I prefer Lectrosonics 400 series wireless microphones. Have gear, will travel. I compose and edit on Pro Tools X and Cubase 7.

My work has included pool footage/audio for LMNO Productions (Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden), CNN, Animal Planet, and many others. I do audio for film and broadcast including radio, podcasting, etc. I also record sound effects and atmospheres.

I am available for projects at the current time, but scheduling is key–please contact me as early as possible in your planning process to coordinate availability. Please feel free to contact me at (312) 504-1264 or drop me an email:

Thanks for reading–I look forward to learning about new projects and opportunities to record.

–Joe Wallace